This small guide will show you how to get a Ghost blog up and running in a few clicks in Plesk Obsidian without the use of any command lines.

1) Check if the Docker extension is installed

If Docker is already installed, you will see it the naviagation menu on the left:

If not, you can go to Extensions and search for Docker and install it.

2) Installing the Ghost Docker Image

Go to Docker in the navigation menu on the left and search for ghost in the Docker Image Catalog.
Click on Run to create and run the container based on the latest version.

3) Configuring the Ghost Docker Image

  • Check Automatic start after system reboot
  • Uncheck Automatic port mapping -> choose a port
  • In the left field of Volume mapping, enter /var/lib/ghost/content
    In the right field, enter the absolute path to the directory on the server that should be mounted in the container. You can choose this yourself.
  • Click on Add Variable and name it url. Enter your website url in the Value field.
  • Click on OK to continue.

4) Configure Docker Proxy Rule

Go to Websites and Domains in the left navigation menu.
Click on Docker Proxy Rules.
Click on Add Rule.
Select the correct Container and Port.
Click on OK.